14.08.2008 10:04 JUST ADMIT FEW WORDS

Dear Afzal !! Your poetry is beautiful, your use of imagery is wonderful, you feel as if you are seeing what it is that you have written. It flows wonderfully from line to line. I love the use of emotion. You can really feel what it is that you are trying

14.08.2008 09:58 TWIST OF FATES

14.08.2008 09:51 SOUL CARING WORDS

Many people say that poems are the best way to express feelings, character and how one thinks. I've read many poems but none have ever touched my soul the way yours did. Your words caress my soul and awaken my curiosity for searching the unknowns of mank

14.08.2008 09:47 TWIST OF FATES creates powerful snapshots

Others stumble to handle such topics but Afzal Shauq brings them to us with grace and dignity.<br /> When reading his work, one can almost imagine that peace could enfold our world.<br /> His desire for bridging the gaps between mankind are very apparen


It’s not a long time that I know Mr.Afzal Shauq but I feel a deep cordiality with his poems. He knows that how use the words. His mind’s muse can steal away hearts. One of the advantages of his poem is that the couplets don’t prisoner in demagogic b

14.08.2008 09:29 REBELIOUS LOVE BLAZE

There is one thing of grave importance that I cant help noticing; Afzal Shauq does fling with his thoughts a bit. Although throughout his love poems I find him relishing the chastity of woman form but then cannot hold when at the sharp edge of lusciousnes

14.08.2008 09:05 Launching Ceremony of TWIST OF FATES

The launching ceremony took place at Pakistan Academy of letters Islamabad and eminent scholar, social scientist and linguist Dr. Tariq Rehman presided over the ceremony, Chairman PAL Iftikhar Arif, Hashim Babar, Dr. Sher Zaman Taizai, Dr. Qabil Khan Afri

14.08.2008 08:57 Launching Ceremony of TWIST OF FATES ...2

He is a man driven by his dreams. He seeks dreams, but I respect his endless search for that perfection. When he spears of his homeland and his people, one can feel the love and pain of this author ‘Afzal Shauq ’. He knows the true meanings of devasta

14.08.2008 08:15 Comments of Readers on TWIST OF FATES

Love to read through your poems again and again . And I feel your thoughts being in love with some one who cares for peace as you do repeatedly. My great concerns to your ideas and wordings you did in a sophisticated way of writing.<br /> <br /> <br /

14.08.2008 08:02 Comments of Readers on TWIST OF FATES - 2


Afzal Shauq shares the grief of Adam at his defeat at hands of Satan. The villainy of Satan against man is an exhausted idea in literature, still the approach of the poet involving a fine pictorial quality, brings a fresh life to this idea. This poem of

14.08.2008 07:53 SOME NEW POEMS OF AFZAL SHAUQ _2

But I believe souls like his are destined and designed to wander in the desert of this life to find drops of water and when they fail at finding some, they'll attempt at discovering the seeds of rain be sown.. and wait for fruition... they would be

12.08.2008 10:31 命运的转折 / (Ming Yun De Zhuan Zhe)..TWIST OF FATES

This book is published by FARISHTA FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL and dedicated to the sweet daughter of AFZAL SHAUQ and his spouse DR.OUAHIBA SAKANI AFZAL... LIULI from Benxi CHINA

12.08.2008 09:56 دَ ایاز داؤدزي په مرګ

هغه ونه<br /> <br /> چې یې زه سیورې دلاندې<br /> <br /> دَ اور اور لمر<br /> <br /> له تودشه په امان وم ...................................... !

19.03.2008 18:04 دَ لمر دَ کلي په لور