14.08.2008 11:22 AFZAL SHAUQ AS A POET

I was really surprised and liked the way he did the poem. After getting the idea I understood the idea of poet Afzal Shauq, who wished the humankind be gathered and wish to sensitize the message sameness to the world keeping their instinctive human behavi

14.08.2008 11:19 A PEACE WILLING POET

He is a man of deep feelings and writes what he truly feels in a very pure way. his ideas are innovative and he knows the skill of capturing hearts through his words.. M. Saeed Baloch.Noshki

14.08.2008 11:17 Few Words to The Poet of TWIST OF FATES

He’s a great dreamer actually and also wanna think unpretentiously as he did here in the one of his heart catching poems I like very much indeed.. Nicole Leon . US

14.08.2008 11:14 POETRY FOR PEACE AND LOVE

I, S. Ehler – Porter (a Graphic Designer) also known as ZIE have had the great pleasure of reading through the work of AFZAL SHAUQ in different literary sections on net. He has the most inspiring poetry I have read quite a long time. He is a great poet


Afzal Shauq, a well known Pashto poet, novelist and travelogue writer, strongly believes in transforming dreams into realities, and he proves his will, both in his poetry and prose. He conceives ideas with an entirely new approach. According to him, huma

14.08.2008 11:08 POETRY ..... REACHING TO HEARTS


WIDE OPEN EYES = these poem brought tears to my eyes. it described the untold sufferings of the less fortunate. the widening gap between the rich and the poor. and how people has become so caught up in their job to even stop, look and listen or admire

14.08.2008 10:57 A POET OF LIFE

The themes of Afzal’s poetry are not as easy to interpret as the words he uses for expression. He speaks in easy way but keeps presenting the ideas in a philosophical way , which may keep the readers think of seriously ... Ernanie I. Pepito - Manila Phi

14.08.2008 10:52 KNOCKING HEARTS

Our situation is the same and I dream for the past of my country. And your poems make me cry and realize that as I am also a scary soul of animal world. Always people are dying for nothing. Same like in your country Afghanistan , had been happening since

14.08.2008 10:46 MING YUN DE ZHUAN ZHE.....命运的转折

I am thankful to both Afzal Shauq and Alley Boling, who allowed me to translate the book TWIST OF FATES in Chinese language as I found it very interesting and impressive.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> I further say thanks to the Malaysian Freelance Writ

14.08.2008 10:41 MODERN PASHTO POETRY

The translation of the Pashto poet Afzal Shauq by the American writer Alley Boling brings modern Pashto poetry to an Anglophone audience. The book is imbued with verses , such as “Cry” which make a passionate plea for Pashto and for Pathans to reclai

14.08.2008 10:38 AFZAL SHAUQ'S POETRY

Dreams in Afzal Shauq’s poetry have been dramatically high lighted in sense as the reality itself seems unproven dream. He talks about some things, which may occur in future but when and how? This is the only repeated question in his whole poetry … ne

14.08.2008 10:27 FEW WORDS FOR AFZAL SHAUQ

Like your peace and love chasing dreams .. thoughts .. issues and looking for new dawn to come . Great verses to stimulate brains of readers in different directions. Love your talent yeah .... P. Osuji - Nigeria<br /> <br />

14.08.2008 10:19 A GOOD POETRY

Your ideal is my soul mate and nothing, and no one else feels more right than you!! I love your words and verses eternally and unconditionally... F.Cisso Seka - London

14.08.2008 10:14 SHARING WORDS

I think that the world have something to be proud of the positive thinkers like Mr. Afzal Shauq and his friend Alley Boling , who have wished to bridge the gaps between east and west as mentioned in the back cover of book ‘Twist of Fates ... Dr. Mathew