14.08.2008 12:14 FOREWORD

I was fortunate, to hear one such voice, of Afzal Shauq through translated collection of his poems by Alley Boling. TWIST OF FATES had every thing to quench my thirst for good poetry and to satiate my search for splendid of ideas .. Nazish Zafar


My search, ventures and probe, all lead me to the conclusion that man has revolutionized himself, since his creation but only in a negative way. Where the denizens of the modern world have progressed much outwardly; they have been gradually deteriorating

14.08.2008 12:07 I , BEING A POET

<br /> 'What greatness can human species achieve, if it abides by the truth of its creation..' I woke to a new reality, shedding away all the under estimations, I had in my mind since boyhood, about men. This revolutionized state of my opinion is trigger


and humanity, which though amply dealt with in world literature, yet Shauq gives new meanings and dimensions to these ideas. He has written unique poems in starting, simple but evocative style, which at the same time are shocking, shaking, dazzling, amaz

14.08.2008 12:00 AFZAL SHAUQ ... AS A TRUE HUMANIST

Afzal Shauq describes the tremendous variety of human emotions . We have to bear the Great Misery of life and unceasingly to dream and struggle for a better world. The wish of living in a better purer world lives under the same shelter with the awareness

14.08.2008 11:55 TWIST OF FATES

His fountain of poems describe the state of evolution change in heart, mind and action at every different incident of time. Which otherwise we have not the time to reflect . Afzal brings about every ‘contemplation’ we go through in our present day-to

14.08.2008 11:52 AS FREE AS THE VERSE

<br /> Afzal Shauq, a sensitive poet with an imaginative mind, feels the sorrows of the human being and expresses aptly his feelings in a direct and impressive way. In 'Hope for peace' he says .. Dr. Sher Zaman Taizai

14.08.2008 11:49 TWIST OF FATES ,

<br /> Afzal Shauq is more of a modernist in his treatment than a poet with progressive predilections. In fact can be compared to the 20th century imagist poets like Ezra Pound and his followers, including T.S. Elliot, who believe in and rely on concrete

14.08.2008 11:46 FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS

Although it is far too often implied, the pen is mightier than the sword well, if this indeed be so, then Afzal Shauq's pen must be more like a lethal dagger. His words though small in their number, loom large in the eye. They pierce the heart so fiercely

14.08.2008 11:42 BUILDING THE GAPS

<br /> <br /> Afzal Shauq is best at his shorter poems which seemed to be a combination of compressed thought and feelings. His terseness makes his poems more poignant and effective and the reader is left to draw some very important conclusion as remar

14.08.2008 11:38 AFZAL SHAUQ ... A Pashtoon Universal Poet

Afzal Shauq being a modern poet and travelogue writer fixed a different and heart catching diction of writing and very soon he became a favorite with learned people. It was difficult for him making a mark among his own people owing to his entirely new id

14.08.2008 11:36 LOVE AND AFFECTION

In “Twist of Fates” each and every aspect of life is included and defined beautifully with very different approaching way. Mr. Afzal Shauq is seemed to be the poet who experienced all the events he explained in his book ... Zenny Disuja - India

14.08.2008 11:33 TWIST OF FATES , a book of factual poetry

The poet of “Twist of Fates” Afzal Shauq is a philosophically prolific and an evolutionary Writer with broad sense and visions. While Alley Boling is a Great woman born to make a mark. I liked the majority of poems of the book I read on the net with o

14.08.2008 11:31 A Poem for the poet of TWIST OF FATES

I uncap my pen to you Afzal<br /> <br /> the only way I know how<br /> <br /> with this inpromptu poem<br /> <br /> you are a sunburst off the largest star<br /> <br /> man has known<br /> <br /> and with but your words<br /> <br /> you can no


<br /> Afzal Shauq, while wandering through different lands in his search, also traversed the deeper tresses of human civilization. He has been a keen observer of evolution, human kind has brought upon itself, in ages. To his disappointment, this evoluti